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If you don’t like the current agenda, your focus ought to be on re – gaining political power (reference), and addressing relevant, sustainable issues, in ways, which inspires, others, to think about, making a change – for – the – better! So as to do so, it’s important, and necessary, to get out the VOTE! Unless, before, more people overcome their apathy, and commit, to voting, how do we anticipate, a more committed, well – informed, electorate? When, over half of the prospective voters, avoid their responsibility, right, and duty, to vote, blaming and complaining, is not a solution! With that in mind, this guide will try to temporarily, identify, consider, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of what, this is all about.

1. In 2016, we elected Donald Trump, as President, in a campaign, seemingly focused on, and highlighting, blaming and complaining, rather than offering a viable vision, for the future! Many, today, complain about President Trump’s leadership, but, when less than half of the population, participates, in voting, it might not be a victory, for the people!

2. Remarks; options; opportunities: We’re , entitled to our own opinions, but not to our own, set of facts! Political fact – checkers, have statedthis President has resorted to lies and mis – statements, more than 6 times, daily, since his election, and by calling anything he disagrees with (or disagrees/ criticizes, with him), our people are divided, and, frequently, confused! We need to vote for men and women that consider viable options and alternatives, seeking relevant, sustainable opportunities, into a sustainable future, rather than focusing, on making America, great again!

3. Timely; trends; truthful; hope: When our leaders are not honest, how do they earn and profit, the public’s trust? Instead of rhetoric, we need leadership, which explains, and takes advantage of relevant trends, and is timely, and well – considered!

4. Empathy; accent; energy; enrich; excellence: Unless/ until, leaders listen and learn, effectively, from everything they hear, and each experience, and change this to relevant expertise, and excellence, they will frequently put their emphasis, on their own personal/ political agenda, and self – interest, as opposed to on the common good. When one proceeds, with the energy, to enrich others, and the state, he becomes a greater public official!

Wake up, America, and stop making excuses, blaming and complaining, and voting, based on empty rhetoric, personal biases/ prejudice, etc! Avoid being apathetic, and then complaining, but commit, to VOTE!


Vote Or Keep Your Trap Shut!

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